About Me

Yohei’s life with musicals started at the age of two, when he watched a musical Beauty and the Beast for the first time. He was attracted by its enchanting story and music. Thanks to his family of musical lovers, he grew up with exploring many different musical stories.
His life changed when he fell in love with Mamma Mia! The most memorable moment was when he brought his younger brother with Down’s syndrome. Looking at his brother standing up and dancing in tune with its songs, he realized the POWER OF MUSICALS; musicals can transcend such handicap barriers. Since then, musicals became a part of his life, and he got eager to work in musicals for his dream job.
In the summer of 2010, Yohei visited Boston, the U.S. Watching Broadway musicals The Phantom of the Opera and West Side Story, he made up his mind to study musicals in the U.S. Later in 2010, he joined Toyota Theater Academy in Aichi, Japan. He gained knowledge about different roles in theater plays, such as sound technology, stage lighting, and acting. Throughout this program, he especially got interested in stage lighting.
In August 2014, he started studying Theater Arts at Citrus College, where he studied stage lighting under Professor Dan Volonte and Karen Taulbee, a supervisor of Haugh Performing Arts Center. As an assistant lighting designer, he supported theater plays on campus behind the scenes.
In 2017, he graduated from Citrus College and now studies at California State University, Long Beach. He continues his journey through the world of musical stories he never knew. His story goes on…
(Written by Kanako Otani)

Study Background


Toyota Theater Academy Local Theater
Citrus CollegeStudent
Haugh Performing Arts Center Student Employee


DATESchool Information
April 2010 – March 2013Nagoya High SchoolHigh School Diploma
April 2013 – March 2014NIC International in JapanLearning English, TOEFL
June 2014 – Augast, 2017Citrus CollegeAA Theatre Arts
AA Liberal Arts Emph:Arts_Huma
AA Fine and Performing Arts
August 2017 - December 2018California State University - Long Beach(not graduated) BA Technical Theatre

Personal Reference

Dan VolonteCitrus College - Professor dvolonte@citruscollege.edu
Karen TaulbeeHaugh Performing Arts Center - Supervisor ktaulbee@citruscollege.edu
David JacquesCalifornia State University, Long Beach - Professor david.jacques@csulb.edu

Theatrical Skills


Console Manufacturer
Hog3 High End
Road Hog 4High End
Hog4 High End
Grand MAMA Lighting
Grand MA 2 - lightMA Lighting
Insight ETC


Fixtures Manufacture Information
Mac 2000 profile Martin
Mac 2000 wash Martin
Mac Viper Martin
SOLASPOT 2000High End
SolaFrame Theatre High End
Studio Color 575High End
Studio Spot 575High End
VL 2000 washVari-Lite
Source FourETCconventional
Source Four PARETCconventional
LED (RGB / RGBW)----LED light controlled by DMX
Fresnel ----conventional


Experience / Skill / ToolInformations
Vectorworks (Educational)CAD, Theater drawing
Word, Excel, PowerPointOffice Software
Edius Movie editor
California Driver License Driver License